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SrA Shane Mitchell
Keeping the skies clear, Europe safe, and ready to act when needed, European Missile Defenders are a little known, but much needed resource. SrA Shane Mitchell went to an awards dinner to meet a few of the missile defenders who stand out amongst their peers.
SrA Jeff Lander
The fifth annual resiliency forum at the Kaiserslautern High School encourages students to look out for not just themselves, but for each other. SrA Jeff Lander sat in on a presentation to learn about resiliency
SSgt Victoria Secrist
Ever wonder where the bread at your commissary comes from? SSgt Victoria Secrist has the answer.
SrA Shane Mitchell
A phone call… we make it to our relatives to say “I miss you”; to our friends to ask “what’s new with you?” We get it from our bosses to tell us “come in to work a little early tomorrow”. But rarely do we call to say “please stop, I love you”. And that call can be more important than catching up with old friends and family.

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Weekly podcast on living life to the fullest!
Weekly Podcast on living life to the fullest
Weekly Podcast with Eli Smith and Dr White March 27, 2014
Thrive Time Podcast for March 20, 2014
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